Seeking Ride from Austin, TX

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Seeking Ride from Austin, TX

Post  JonLove on Wed May 11, 2011 7:10 pm

Hello there lovely people of the superconscious movement,

I am trying to work out my travel plans for attending the upcoming ORMUS conference. I don't have a car or much money, but I do have spirit and a super strong will! If anyone is coming from or passing through or approaching anywhere near central Texas on their way to the event, I would love to join and share in the journey! I can help with gas costs and driving duties (I do have a valid license), and I'm sure that two is always better than one. We can do so much more when we work together! If anyone is interested in co-operating in travel to Enota, please let me know! Thank you and wishing everything good to everyone.

Jonathan S.


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